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Crystals Everywhere!

My daughter just placed novice in all her dances, so we are moving up into the world of crystals. Crystals on skirts, crystals on socks, crystals everywhere. I found a very helpful post on which sizes to use (and NOT to use). Thank goodness for the internet! Where else would you be able to find what size of crystals to use for Irish dance socks!

Where do I buy Crystals?

Crystals can be found on the internet, but you can also usually find some vendors selling them at your local feis. Some internet sources are:

Shop Dreamtime Creations

Crystal Sizes

Crystals come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. For my own personal use, I have found:

  • Socks – use SS12 or SS16. Some people recommend SS10, but I found that to be just a bit too small. When applying crystals to socks, you will want to use hotfix crystals and a hotfix applicator tool. I use the Darice Rhinestone Setter Hot-Fix Applicator Wand. Caution: It heats up quickly and it gets very hot!!! Do not touch the end once the power is turned on! The applicator tool itself will come with a number of tips according to the size of the crystal you want to attach. I also use a tool from Stampin’ Up called a Paper Piercing Tool to remove the crystals from the inside of the applicator tip onto the socks.
  • Dresses – Do not use hotfix crystals or the hotfix applicator tool on dresses! Please take heed of that warning. You can ruin a dress by doing so! Most dresses I have seen have crystals in the SS30 to SS48 size range. Of course, they can also come with pear and other shaped crystals. Crystals can be applied using E6000 Craft Adhesive. Be careful to use this product in a well ventilated area as the fumes can be a bit overwhelming.