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Not Literally Drooling

I am back from the most fantastic vacation ever, and trying to jump right back into the swing of things.  It was my daughter’s first Irish dance class of the new school year yesterday, and I got to meet a whole new group of moms. We had a great conversation, and all the while, there was a mother who was diligently gluing crystals onto her daughter’s new solo dress.

I am not going to lie – we drool over solo dresses a lot at this house. Not literally because that would be very bad to do to a dress. However, we love them. A. Lot. Even the guys get into it at our house!

Irish Dance Dress Resources

I started asking the mother who was gluing some questions about the dresses, and she gave me some good resources.

Dresses are earned by dancers as they progress through the ranks. Many dancers earn them at the Prizewinner level. These dresses are usually more simple. As a dancer progresses through championships, the dresses tend to become more elaborate.

Dresses can be ordered new from a variety of dressmakers or purchased used. If you are getting your first dress, most people usually look for used dresses. Used dresses are considerably cheaper and you have the added advantage of trying them on.

Don’t forget to show your TCRG the new dress BEFORE you agree to buy it. They will feel included, and it is usually required!

Used Irish Dance Dresses

To find used dresses, you can always go to your local feis. There are usually used dress racks at every feis. There are also a number of places to look online.

Additional Dress Resources

  • You can get crowns and number holders at many feis, or you can check out Irish Seams.
  • To add more bling check out Dreamtime Creations For additional discounts, like them on Facebook.
  • To glue on the crystals, most Irish dance moms recommend E6000 Craft Adhesive. Be sure to use it in a well ventilated area. The fumes can be overwhelming.

I would love to hear about any ideas or tips that you may have!