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Never Seen So Many Blisters

My dancer just survived her first “Intensive” Irish dance camp. It was quite a week!

To be fair, we were warned ahead of time to take care of the feet. We were specifically told that blister protection was necessary from the first day. Thinking that meant “expensive,” I marched off to the local dance supply store and bought all the fancy protection I could buy. That included fancy toe booties and a bright green tape. I’m still not sure what that does.

The first morning of intensive camp, I sat my dancer down and showed her how to put on the protection. I also gave her a strict warning that any friction meant she needed to stop and put more protection on. We made it one day without blisters.

Day two, she came home with her first gaping blister.

Day three, she came home with a gaping blister on her other foot and tears in her eyes. Her feet hurt so bad, she was ready to quit dancing all together.

Lesson learned: the expensive stuff doesn’t work!

How To Avoid Blisters

We marched off to the store and found the Band-Aid Brand Blister Protection and the Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus. The Band-Aid Brand Blister Protection helped to protect and heal the blisters she already had. The Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus helped to protect her feet from getting any more. I found that a nice big strip of it across the back of her ankle (anywhere the shoes rub) and another strip on the outside of her pinky toes helped immensely.

My daughter survived, and dare I say it, even enjoyed, the last two days of camp. Her blisters are healing, and she is in love with dance again. Another mom crisis averted!